Average Salary

  • $44,160

Degree Required

  •  None

Currently Employed in State

  • Over 3,500

Wisconsin, like many other states has visited the idea of paralegal regulation but has not adopted any formal criteria. As such, all lawyers must provide direct supervision of their non-lawyer assistants including paralegals. Rule 5.3 further obligates all lawyers to provide their paralegals with instruction on professional duties including confidentiality and ethics. It also requires that lawyers assume ALL RESPONSIBILITY for their assistant’s professional conduct.  Thus, it is important for aspiring paralegals to have the proper education or on the job training in order to get a job as a paralegal in Wisconsin.


Paralegal Certification in Wisconsin

Employers value the skill set and knowledge base of educated paralegals. Although certification is not required by the state, most employers will only seek out candidates with the proper education.

Paralegal education is available through certificate granting and degree-conferring programs. Which route you choose to take is completely up to you. Most certificate programs can be completed within 3 years. While degree programs such as an associate, bachelor or master degree in paralegal studies can typically be completed anywhere from 2-5 years. With certificate programs general education requirements are typically  not required which speeds the process up considerably.