Average Salary

  • $49750

Degree Required

  • Yes 

Becoming A Paralegal in Virginia

The State of Virginia does not require people working as paralegals to first obtain any special degree or certificate. This allows paralegals to enter the profession through on-the-job training and/or education with no legal standards required. However, in 1995 the Virginia Alliance of Paralegal Associations created guidelines to help employers determine is a possible candidate is qualified to work as a paralegal or not.  These guidelines include:

  • Earned a national certification from a program recognized by the VAPA
  • Graduated from an American Bar Association (ABA) approved program of equivalent rigor
  • Having a bachelor’s degree in any field with at least 24 semester hours of paralegal courses OR one year experience as a paralegal
  • 5 years work experience as a paralegal
  • Associate degree that includes 60 semester hours, 24 hours being involved in paralegal studies

As in many states, Paralegals are required to work under the direct supervision of an attorney that accepts responsibility of the paralegals work.