One of the best things about a portable mini fridge is that they can be used in the home as well as while out and about. These refrigerators can be found in a vast array of colors, sizes, as well as shapes.

The manufactures of the portable refrigerator seem to have endless creative ideas. Coming in shapes such as a beer bottle, a cola bottle, or other similar shapes makes these fridges a novel touch to any occasion.

If needing a fridge to compliment the decor of a home bar there are endless options available.

Having a bar at home is an idea that many people find enticing. Just imagine having favored drinks in the comfort of home prepared from a nifty bar. For those who entertain often, a home bar is an absolute must. The trendy types of portable bar refrigerators make the home bar perfect.

Though a normal sized fridge would work, the fear of a better half using it for food storage is unappealing to say the least. The bar fridge is intended for drinks only, hence the small and portable size.

Another reason a portable refrigerator is perfect for the bar is it can play double roles. If heading out to a family picnic or camping trip, there is no better way to have ice cold beverages on hand. The portable fridge is lightweight and easy to bring to any occasion.

These small fridges are also perfect for long road trips. Imagine the money that can be saved on beverages by plugging the fridge into the cigarette lighter. Fill it with favored beverages and it’s ready to roll, minus the alcohol of course. Please, no drinking and driving folks.

On occasions when a fridge would be handy to have at the office the small fridge can easily be plugged in and cool in no time.

This makes long days easier to bear. A lot of college students find the portable fridge perfect for their dorm needs. Large enough to hold a supply of drinks and a few snacks, a small fridge is considered a necessity of the dorm room.

Really there is no occasion when the miniature fridge is not a handy appliance. From throwing birthday parties for the kids and back yard barbeque’s, the tiny fridge holds its own.

There is only one disadvantage and that is its size limits how much it will hold. Though keeping it well stocked eliminates this problem entirely.

When looking for a portable mini fridge there are awesome deals to be found both online and through local retailers. The effort it takes to find one is well worth it because this fridge will serve every imaginable need.